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meïdia · Outstanding work, people, and ideas

Meïdia Europe

Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and London

We now share our time between Montréal, Québec, and Europe. Our recent european projects include Spipoll and Sciences, eaux et territoires, for the french agency Hyptique. We are also closely collaborating with London based startup Wine and Spirits B2B and Montréal based collective

La courte échelle

Concept and development

Details: is a platform where fiction meets virtuality, where the boundaries of story telling are pushed to the limit. The readers of 8 different printed fiction series from La courte échelle publishing house can meet and exchange together in text, audio and video while following the printed editions of the books. Authors are participating into the conversations, triggering users to join with them in creating possible outcome of the next upcoming episodes.

The Epizzod community was created using Drupal as a content management system and was launched in december 2008.

Meïdia was responsible for creating the concept, design, and development of the platform.

More infos:

National Film Board of Canada

Concept and development

Details: Meïdia in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada relaunched 2 platforms created using Drupal as a content management system: CITIZENShift and its sister site in french, Parole Citoyenne, were both launched in December 2007.

CITIZENShift and Parole Citoyenne are interactive platforms where people can explore social issues through films, photography, articles, blogs and podcasts. Focusing on a new theme every month, these are the spaces for everyone to engage with other activists and creative people and to share media content.

Meïdia was responsible for creating the concept along with CITIZENShift and Parole Citoyenne's team, graphic design, theme development, development and integration of the backend, testing and quality assurance of both platforms.

More infos: CitizenShift, Parole Citoyenne.

*CitizenShift has been honored by the Webby Awards!

Musique Plus

MusiquePlus - Online Vox Pop

Details: MusiquePlus uses our webcam video recording technology to allow its audience from all around Quebec to take an active role by recording sketches, songs, answer the VJ's daily questions and so on. An interactive TV show on the web, the interaction between traditional media and the web is just at its start, more to come!

The platform was built using Drupal as a content management system.

More infos: Vox Pop MusiquePlus

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil, Delirium - Event blogging and consulting

Details: meïdia's team blogged the launch of the most recent Cirque du Soleil production, Delirium. A premiere for Le Cirque du Soleil as well as for assigning bloggers to cover an event as citizen journalists in Quebec, and perhaps in Canada. Bloggers were granted backstage access from where they posted pictures, audio (podcast), video and text documents. The premiere of Delirium took place in Montreal on January 26th 2006 and we repeted the experience in June 2006.

More infos: m-c's blog about Delirium in June 2006, Delirium on Chris's blog, Delirium in January 2006, Julien's blog. The official Delirium website.


Ubisoft Montreal - Consulting and creation

Details: Ubisoft Montreal has chosen to work with meïdia on a unique nation-wide recruitment initiative to drive recruitment for its world-class video game development studios in Montreal. The campaign combines traditional media with new web technologies such as MySpace, flickr and a Photoblog.

More infos: Press release,, MySpace, Toomuchimagination photoblog.

Astral Media Interactive - Concept and development, participatory web

Details: meïdia created and developed the community part of Radio Energie online using Drupal as a content management system. As a member of the community, everyone can leave audio and video messages using our live audio-video recording technology, upload images, submit news, create a blog and much more. The more points people get, the higher are the chances that they are selected to be the WebJockey, star animator of the community, for a week or more, which is not an easy task since the WebJockey has to compete with the radio animators who will do everything to keep their WebJockey position... Today the community has already more than 180,000 members. We are really proud to have helped the team of Radio Energie to take this step into the - what we call - participatory web.

More infos:, Blogues, officiel press release (in french).


P45 website - Consulting and creation

Details: Founded in Montreal in 2000, P45 was at first an independent french publication. P45 team came to us with the need and ambition to create a website where they could publish their monthly content as well as a blog and podcasts. The overall had to be extremely flexible so that anyone at P45 could publish content without affecting the editor\'s sleeping habit.

P45 has been built using WordPress.

More infos: P45's website, P45 on flickr.

Event blogging

Details: We are often invited as guess bloggers for event. Over the last years, we've been covering the Berlin Transmediale, Mutek, Fimav festival, Elektra Festival, Pop Montreal, and one of the most exciting, being under stage during a Cirque du Soleil performance. As outside observers our mission is to bring a new kind of content on the web, along with demonstrating how new web technologies can be used.

External links: m-c's blog posts from Berlin's Transmediale 06, m-c's blog posts from New York's Guggenheim, m-c's blog posts from Mutek 2006.

Under Electric Light

Under Electric Light - Development and creation

Details: Going beyond a traditional date-stamped blog where users leave comments for each entry, this design used the title of one of the artist’s songs, “Unphotographable,” as the inspiration for an online photo album where the site’s users become artistic collaborators and creators. Users send photos either from cellphones or via email, and these are used on the website and projected onscreen as part of the band’s live shows.

Visit this site at:

Article Studio

Article Studio - Consulting and development

Details: Some people are just born bloggers: not more than a week after the launch of her blog, Luce Beaulieu, specialist in sustainable development, already had more than 20 text entries posted. Her blog was produce in thight collaboration with meïdia who assured the technical and counseling aspect while she developped her own design.

Article has been built using WordPress.

Visit this site at:



Radio-Canada, - Consulting and creation Details: Radio-Canada first approched us as consultant to help them understand what the fuss about new web technologies was.'s main audience being close to us, 18-35 new music lovers, it was a great fit and from there was created a strategy involving new web technologies. First thing was to create a space for's community where the audience could exchange directly with the team, get complementary information, download the latest podcast, also giving the chance to anyone from the crew to put text and picture content on the blog from anywhere at anytime.

The platform for was created using Movable Type as content management system.

Visit this site:'s blog,'s flickr page, on Myspace.

Tellabs Chicago

Tellabs Solutions - Consulting

Details: Tellabs called on us to document the use of new web technologies by the 18-25, more specifically on the north american music scene. Myspace, blogs, podcasts, video blogs - how do young people are producing and consuming this new content? How are new technologies transforming the music market? (Offline).