About us

We strongly believe that helping people communicate with each other online is more important than trying to sell them something.

Our goal as a company is to contribute to the development and evolution of the internet, as this medium is, in our opinion, one of the most exciting communication tool of our era. We want to create tools that will be used creatively and intelligently, while exploring all the possibilities offered by this medium.

Over the last 3 years we have done work for Le Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, Radio Canada, Musique Plus, Culture Québec, Tellabs, Article Studio, P45, Maison d’édition de La courte échelle, Astral Média Interactif, Passeport Santé.

Our mission

  • to create products and services that facilitate conversation and incite interaction between people
  • to help individuals, organizations and businesses to use web technologies
  • to promote the web as a tool for communication, creativity and discovery.

People: Marie-Chantale Turgeon

founder & creative director
Active blogger and podcaster, promoting the best around pop culture and indie music on her bilingual Vu d’ici – Seen from here blog Marie-Chantale is a well known communicator and trend observer in the development of the ever expanding medium that is the internet, not without her artistic point of view, which makes her a part of this new indie subculture. Recent recognitions are coming from publications such as Spin Magazin, Elle Canada, The Gazette, La Presse, Journal Voir, Radio-Canada and TVA.

In 2005 she founded meïdia, a studio specialized in creating outstanding products, concepts and strategies using new web technologies. On the edge of Quebec’s Web 2.0 scene, she has recently done work for Radio-Canada, Le Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft Montreal and Tellabs Chicago. Marie-Chantale blogs regularly on mcturgeon.com/blog. She’s regularly invited as guest expert on various events relating to web technologies (ADISQ, Festival Nouveau Cinéma, Mutek, Webcom 2006, Future of Music Policy Summit, ONF, Radio-Canada Le Point, Radio-Canada Bandeapart.fm, Deux filles le matin on TVA, CBC Sounds like Canada, L’Explorateur Urbain on TVA).

Her blog can be seen here;
Her podcasts can be heard here;
Her artwork can be seen here.

m-c can be reached at m-c(at)meidia.ca,
Business networks: OpenBC and LinkedIn.

People: Christian Car

creation & technology
Christian holds a bachelor in civil engineering and has been working in the IT industry for 8 years as software engineer and project manager for Medialab and Razorfish Germany.

In 2002 he confounded 4G Systems GmbH, a device manufacturer of broadband router based on WLAN, UMTS and HSDPA access technologies. He has been the CEO as well as project manager for product development during several years before he left the company in 2006 to invest more time into writing, experimenting with new technologies, blogging, podcasting and vlogging. Initial creator of the video production and publishing platform Stars-of-the-web.net (offline), he created in collaboration with meïdia the bilingual audio, video and text blogging platform that has become Stars-of-the-Web.com. Christian runs the blog chriscar.com.

Christian can be reached at c-c(at)meidia.ca,
Skype: chris_car
Business networks: OpenBC and LinkedIn.

Our name

meïdia is derived from the Latin mei, meaning “my”, and media, which signifies an intermediary, a connector, information storage, and means of communications. Pronounced mei-dia, our name is a statement of our mission – to make new media accessible to everybody.

As a symbol, meïdia is a living, evolving entity. It represents our endeavour’s liveliness, originality and flexibility. meïdia comes straight from our imagination and stands alone, unequalled.

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