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How to create the best on page SEO Analysis?

To get a good rank, it is essential to be good it 2 fields, one being on page SEO, and secondly, off page link- building. One golden advice for getting good Toronto digital marketing results is writing content for both readers and search engines. Here we have discussed a few of the main ways to create On-page SEO.

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  • The Page Title:

Make sure to keep it crisp, brief, easy to read and understand. This title is being shown up when someone searches, so ideally, your page title should be “exact keywords here |”, for a good Toronto digital marketing analysis. Don’t set multiple page titles, as it confuses the search engine.

  • The Meta Description:

This text appears after the title in the search result. It should contain your keyword. Don’t use meta keywords as they hurt the rankings. This metadata is a short description and consists of 156 characters.

  • The Images:  

The images on your website should contain the ALT tag, and it should be saved by the keyword, like keyword.jpg. This improves the ranking of your page. And dramatically improves the on-page Toronto digital marketing, as it will be shown in the google images when searched.

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  • The H1 Tag: 

Keep in mind, that for on-page SEO, it is important for the keyword to be on the H1 tag. This H1 tag is different than all the other tags. Try using the keyword in the H1 tag for once or twice, but not more than three.

  • Interlinking

This is extremely essential as it provides relevant information and keeps the user interested in your website. This decreases the bounce rate and confirms the credibility of the website. But, remember to not overdo it.

  • The Body:

Keep in mind to include the keyword 4 times in the body, you may want to rearrange the long tail keywords to fit in properly in the body. As it is said content is the king, make sure that your content is unique and has around 500 to 1000+ words, don’t stretch out your contents unnecessarily, try making it unique.

  • Your site should be accessible to search engines.

Optimizing your website to the maximum level won’t help unless search engines cannot find your website. If you use WordPress, log into it and select Privacy under the Settings tab, and select the ‘Allow search engines to index this site’ option.

  • The URL: 

You can try to have your target keywords in the slug of your URL, as this improves the On-Page Toronto digital marketing, like (where the keyword is the slug). In place of blank spaces, try using standard characters, like dashes and numbers.


This tag is a bit confusing and it means, in a bibliography, your sources should be tagged. There you give credit to the page where the post was originally published. Also, it the content is absolutely original, tell the search engine that you are the creator of the page, then simply set the REL canonical to the page you are publishing.